Charming Bracelets


Charming Bracelets
Special Occasion or Holiday Bracelets will be quick and easy to make with Shrinky Dinks and our new Bright and Shiny chain link bracelets.

Make a charming bracelet for all of the guests at your party. This is a PERFECT rainy day or "home sick from school activity".

Fun to make "wrist wear" you will be sure to wear and share!

It's fun, it's easy, it's fashion.  It's Shrinky Dinks

Materials Needed:

How To Make

1.  Lay your piece of Shrinky Dinks plastic over your chosen pattern and tape into place. Trace using a pencil or black permanent pen. (If you are making a piece using the Black or the Brown sheet, copy the pattern onto a copy machine. Tape the copied image onto the sheet of plastic and cut out the pattern.) Cut out your charm shape and punch a hole in the upper portion of your Shrinky Dinks Charm.
2. Color in with your favorite designs or colors using the Paint Markers. The Charmers Book has a lot of great suggestions and full color images to help you chose the colors if you like.
3. Bake to Shrink according to package instructions.
4. Lay the bracelet on a flat surface making sure that all the links are laying flat. Attach the jump ring to the Shrinky Dinks charm and then to the bracelet. Leave about 3 links in between each charm to allow them to move freely. Secure the jump ring by twisting it back until the ends meet.

This makes a GREAT Holiday Party activity. Birthdays, Reunions or a Class Party.