Holiday Charm



Materials Needed

Shrinky Dinks Frosted Ruff N' Ready shrinkable plastic (Item D100-10A)

Sakura Paint Markers (Item SAKFINE)

Shrinky Dinks Charmers Book (Item CHARMS)
(You can use any line art pattern that is about 2 inches in size)

Coilless Safety Pin (Item SAF12)

Silver Tone Chain w/ Jump Rings (Item D444)

4mm beads (approx. 21 beads per pin)

3 Head Pins

1/8" Hole Punch

Scissors, Tape, Pencil, Needle Nose Pliers

Home oven or Toaster oven

How to Make

Chose the Holiday themed charms from the Charmers book (page 22). 6 Charms per pin will hang well. Lay the Shrinky Dinks plastic over the chosen patterns and trace. Color with the Paint Markers.

Cut out the charms with scissors. Be careful around tight inside corners so the plastic does not tear. Punch a hole at the top of each charm using the 1/8" hole punch. Leave at least 1/4" between the hole and the edge of the charm.

Bake to shrink according to package instructions.

Attach a jump ring to each charm.

Cut 3 sections of chain 1 1/4", 1 1/2" and 2 1/4".

Place 3 beads on each head pin and twist the end to make a loop.

Place two charms on each piece of chain in various places to it visually appealing. 

Assemble your Pin (Refer to photo)

Open your pin and straighten it slightly to make the beads slide more easily. Slide all the pieces toward the fixed head side of the pin. The sharp side of the pin will need to be empty so that it can be slid through fabric.

Add a bead to your pin and slide it all the way to the fastener end. Then slip on the beaded head pin, then a length of chain with the charms attached. Repeat the sequence until the side of the pin is filled.

Bend the pin back so that the beads are not able to easily slip back to the pointed side of the pin.

Don't limit yourself to Christmas, make a winter pin, a Halloween Pin, an Easter pin or a Just For The Fun of It Pin!!