luggage tag
Finally, a shrinkable plastic that is strong enough to take the rough handling of luggage! Trace our pattern, Rubber Stamp a design or create your own original image.
 You'll recognize your luggage immediately when you see your Shrinky Dinks MASTERPIECE!

Materials Needed:

  • Luggage Tag template - Pattern Click Here
  • 1 - Sheet of Shrinky Dinks Misty White Ultra Thick shrinkable plastic - Item D700-6A.
  • Black Permanent Ink Pen - IdentiPen by Sakura - Item D835.
  • Permapaque Fine Point Paint Markers (Red, Yellow, Lt. Blue and Flesh) - Item SAKFINE.
  • Scissors, Ruler, Paper Punch and Tape.
  • Small strap or Pet Collar or whatever you choose to use as an attachment.
  • Toaster Oven or Home Oven.
  • [Optional]: Embossing Powder (Clear-fine) - Item FEMB.
  • Note: If you decide to Rubber Stamp your image, Staz On solvent ink pads by Tsukineko work best. Item D880.

How To Make

1. Tape plastic sheet on to pattern. Trace image with Black permanent pen and print your information using the lines as a guide, do not trace the lines. (Print as big as possible because the printing will shrink too.)
2. Color with Paint Markers. Hint: Use a light touch if applying more than one coat of color. Avoid coloring over tracing lines and re-trace with Black pen if necessary.
3. Cut out. Use a Paper Punch to create holes and then use a small scissors to cut out the slot for the attachment strap.
4. Please READ baking and shrinking instructions carefully. This plastic is thicker and is unique and differs from other shrinkable plastics. Bake your piece to shrink. Allow to cool.
5.Color all edges with Paint Markers. Hint: If you do not use embossing powder you will need to return your piece to the oven and heat for an additional 45 seconds to set the painted edge and make it permanent.

[Optional]: Use a salt shaker to apply clear embossing powder. Cover your image until it is just barely visible. Lift piece onto your baking surface and return to the oven. WATCH! After your image becomes completely visible, remove from the oven and let piece cool and dry. Approx. 5 min.

Assemble: Slip strap or attachment collar through hole and attach to any piece of luggage.