Funky Monkey Chain

Create a Funky Monkey chain for a party activity. What fun to make a monkey for each letter in your name and string them together. The chenille stems make it easy to attach to your zipper or back pack. Have your monkey line as long as you like. This really is some silly monkey business!!

Materials Needed
Shrinky Dinks Frosted Ruff N' Ready shrinkable plastic (Item D100-10A)
Bump Chenille Stems (one stem per Monkey)
Colored Pencils (Item COLORPEN) Any colored pencil can be used
Black Permanent Pen (Item D835)
1/4" Hole Punch (Item D842)
Scissors, Tape, Toaster Oven or Home Oven

How To Make

Print the pattern below

Lay the Shrinky Dinks plastic sheet, rough side up, over the pattern and tape into place. Trace outline and details using the Black permanent pen.

Color your Monkey with your choice of colored pencils. Draw dots, stripes...even a plaid monkey would be great. Use the tummy area on the Monkey to personalize your creation. Write a name, date, initials or a silly message.

Cut your Monkey out with a scissors. Use the 1/4" hole punch to make holes where indicated on the pattern. Bake to shrink according to package instructions. Let your piece cool completely/

Cut the chenille stem at the center and thinnest point every 2 bumps. 2 Sets per monkey. See image below.

Insert the thin end of each cut chenille stem through a hole in the Monkey shape front to back. Pull stem through and insert in opposite hole back to front. Thin center of your cut piece should be centered on the back of the monkey...see below.

Hook your monkeys together!! See if you can make a string of monkeys longer than you are or connect the monkeys hand to hand and string horizontally. Bend stems to form feet..