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for Traceable Pattern.

Materials Needed:


1-  Sheet Shrinky Dinks Frosted Ruff N' Ready shrinkable plastic (Item D100-10A)

Black Permanent Marking Pen  (Item D835)

Decorating Chalks (Item D240)

1/4" Hole Punch (Item D842)

Krylon 18Kt Gold Paint Pen

12" Length of 1/8" Wide Ribbon

Tape, Scissors, Pencil,  Home Oven or Toaster Oven




Tape Shrinky Dinks sheet to the pattern, roughened side down. Trace the pattern on the smooth side of the plastic sheet using the black permanent marking pen. Trace the oval boarder lightly with a pencil.


When tracing is completed flip the plastic over roughened side up and tape into place on a plain white sheet of paper. Add color to the pattern with the chalks. Blend chalks to vary the colors and give your image dimension. Blow off any excess chalk dust.  If you get a smear of chalk color where you don’t want it…use a white eraser to remove it before baking.


Cut the oval out. Punch a hole in the upper center portion of the oval where indicated.  Bake to shrink according to package instructions, chalk side up.

Because the image is traced on one side and colored on the other, the line image side now has a 3 dimensional look.


After the Sun Catcher is cool, use the Gold Paint Pen to color the edge of the piece, and around the front (about 1/8" thick) of the Sun Catcher "framed" look.


Insert the ribbon through the punched hole and hang in a sunny window! Hang the piece with the traced image side toward you.