These earrings can be worn all year 'round as a tribute to our country.  Fun to wear and so easy to create!

 Make several pairs and give them as GIFTS or invite your friends over and have a "Shrinking Good Time"!!


Materials Needed:

  • Star Earrings template - Click here for Pattern
  • 2 - Large Permapaque Paint Markers w/chisel tip: Blue & Red - Item SAKBRD.
  • 1 - Black Permanent Ink Pen - Item D835.
  • 1 - Tube of extra fine glitter. We used Premium Glitter from Creative Beginnings.
  • 1 - Set of Pierced Earring Wires - Item 833PW.
  • 1 - Paper Punch (1/8) - Item D840.
  • Home Oven or Toaster Oven.
  • Scissors, clear tape and Glass, Metal & More Glue by Beacon Adhesives.
  • Krylon Clear Acrylic Spray.
  • Optional: Star Template (We used Fiskars Template).

How To Make

Step 1.  Lay Shrinky Dinks plastic sheet over PATTERN. Tape into place.
Step 2. Trace all Star Patterns or use Template. Use Black Pen. Re-trace the 2 Large Stars on the reverse side.
Step 3. Color the 2 Large Stars Red - Both sides. Color the Small sized Stars blue, one side only. (The 2 Medium sized Stars are white)
Step 4. Cut out star shapes and Punch holes where indicated on the large star.
Step 5. Bake all pieces in pre-heated oven. Follow package instructions.
Step 6. Color all edges on each Star with Blue Marker…use chisel tip.
Step 7. Lay all Stars on wax paper. Spray a light coating of the Krylon and, using your fingers, sprinkle on Glitter. Note: The Black outline on the Stars will bleed into your colors, it is supposed to. Allow all pieces to dry and then spray them again. After all Stars are dry, turn the 2 Large Stars over and repeat the procedure of spraying and applying glitter.
Step 8. Assemble. Glue the White Star onto the Red Star and the Blue Star onto the White Star. Center as shown. Allow to dry. Open up loop on bottom of Earring Wire and insert into the hole on the Star and close to secure.

We know that you will enjoy these unique Shrinky Dinks Earrings for many years to come. Wear them proudly in tribute to the "Good ol' USA"!